Vegan Starter Guide

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Vegan Starter Guide

Shannon Leparski
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Do you ever feel like something is missing from your diet? Do you want to lose weight? Do you feel like you want to improve your food choices, but aren’t quite sure how? Do you need help transitioning to the plant-based diet? Or do you just want to feel good and healthy in general?

This plant based starter guide is essential for anyone interested in improving their lifestyle to one that's balanced and abundantly healthy. 'The Glow Effect' outlines all aspects of a plant based life, with a focus on whole foods to heal, cleanse and help your body glow from the inside out.

My "Vegan Starter Guide' includes:

- Plant Based vs. Vegan

- What to expect & how to transition

- Foods to support energy

- Importance of the detox process

- Continuously cleansing

- Optimizing digestion

- Essential beauty minerals

- Common Misunderstandings

- FAQ (protein B12, coffee, etc.)

- How to maintain for the long-term

- Communicating with family

- Dining out & Parties

- Shopping lists

- Meal guides with portion sizes

- 30+ brand new recipes

Plus, it's a PDF file that you can download and view on any device, anytime.

I want this!
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