Hormone Healing Plant Based Recipe & Lifestyle Plan

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I created this plant based plan to help young girls and women feel better, get their hormones back in balance naturally (without medication), regulate their cycle, clear their hormonal acne-prone skin, abolish PMS symptoms and feel better all around! I’ve done the research to save you time and headache and in the long run, money.

I like to think of this plan as the missing puzzle piece to women’s health; a nourishing, cyclical way of living for those who follow a plant based diet, yet want to live a healthy, hormonally balanced life for the long term, accompanied by an easy monthly cycle (it’s easier than it sounds!). By eating, exercising and living with the hormonal fluctuations of each cycle phase, your body is hormonally supported and cared for, in a different way than ever before.

- A Lesson on Hormones

- Detailed Overview of Each Cycle Phase and How to Optimize It

- 5 Major Lifestyle Components to Heal Your Hormones

- 9 Essential Skin & Hormone-Supporting Supplements

- Meal Plan Specifics

- Daily Guidelines & Reminders

- 5 Steps to Get Started

- Food Lists For Each Phase (follicular, ovulatory, luteal and menstrual)

- Over 50 Vegan and Phase-Specific Recipes (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & LOTS of snack options for each of the 4 phases!)

- Sweet Treat Recipes, for any phase (like Sweet Cinnamon Bombs, Freezer Fudge and yummy Caffeine-Free Lattes!)

- Different Calendars for Each Phase 

I hope you enjoy this ride to a life with easy periods and no PMS!!

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Hormone Healing Plant Based Recipe & Lifestyle Plan

2 ratings
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